Less expecting, more i’d gifted

from my notes on 10 June 2009

This monday, i left my cell at Tambun again,..


Alright, i tought i’ll live without my cell for this whole week…and I already prepare myself to be bored.

My rent room has no TV, Laptop, radio or else. The only entertainment is my cell to listen to the music and online to the internet.

Afternoon, my best GF,ERP, offers me to stay and company her that night. What a great offer. She has TV in her rent-house. Nice, at least i wont be bored for this one night. I expexted only this one night since her husband sometimes comes in the middle of the week.

Tuesday morning;

I still a sleep. ERP woke me up and said that M come. I said impossible since he did not say he’ll come. and he dont know that i stayed with ERP that night. “go check outside, i still in my bathing suit..” she said.

I slightly woke up and lazily checked on the front door through the window. M!

He came.. I’m so happy to see him. Apparently he worried that i’ll get bored to death so he lend me his cellphone. Hurray!!

Thanks Beyb….U’re the best!!

Thank you, Dear Allah...

Thank you, Dear Allah…


aaaaaaand you say..?

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