The guy next door…..

Actually, i will not talking about the guy next to my door… but i’m going to talk about one of the guy type… others than a workaholic guy, nerds, party goers or snobby borjuism guy…

This guy next door is a type of a guy that fills my days in about this latest 3 years….

The things that makes me fall in love with him at the first time is his heights.. As a tall big curvy lady, i would easily fall to a tall wide shouldered man(with a nice butt as a bonus). That is him. And his ignorance, apart from my care to almost anything. His quiet, apart from my chatty attitude. In previous time, did not work out with a guy that giving me full attention dan care, so i decide to make the first move.

With a help of a bestfriend -from both of our side-, we start to know each other. He is quirky, sharp tongued and high achiever.


At first, this guy next door act like he is an workaholic with snobby borjuism attitude, when i start loosing the feeling, he shows that he is just a plain and simple guy. He doesnt mind to travel around with a public transportation. He spend his time more with me and force himself to get to know my surrounding. At first he stole my heart, but now i told him to keep it well.


Untill now, this guy next door still keeping my heart safely. Sometimes he still amazed me with his attitude. He serves me well. Loves to be at home, hates the mall and hectic surrounding. he loves sleeping, reading and playing computers. He’s a good saver but loves to go to the market, most of the times are traditional market.
He loves tooling and crafting around the house. Do planting, building things and make over things.

He really balance me out.
No matter how much he upset me, inside i love him and need him. No prince in this world that could ever replaced him.

He’s turning 27 today. Happy B’day, donqs..
Be my escourt always…


aaaaaaand you say..?

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