Oliver — Tied to a tree

Cerita Oliver

Anjing hitam yang imut ini sudah diikat ke pohon di daerah Ciputat sepanjang hari selama 2 bulan.  Kehujanan dan kepanasan tanpa perlindungan apa2. Air minumnya pun dari air hujan. Untuk makan, oliver mengandalkan belas kasihan orang2 yang lewat, kadang roti, kdang nasi kalau ada yang ingat oliver.

Kadang, anak2 nakal melempari oliver dengan batu. Hal tersebut dibiarkan oleh orang2 dewasa disekitar mereka.

Oliver berusia sekitar setahun, masih suka bermain dan berlari2. Sifatnya juga sangat ramah dan menyenagkan terhadap anak2.

Foto2 Oliver bisa dilihat dibawah ini;



This cute little black dog was tied on a tree in Ciputat area 24 hours a day for 2 months. (See the very short metal chain)

The dog was given bread or rice only if the people remember to feed him. No one dared to free him from the chain – meaning whenever there was a heavy rain, the dog would surely get very wet, and whenever the sun shone brightly, the dog would suffer from the heat. The water that the dog drank was from the rain.

Many times, children threw rocks to Oliver… People nearby stayed silent and did nothing.

Metal chain, CUT!

Metal chain, CUT!

The chain…


Now Oliver is free! Oliver was taken home by the rescuer.

Below are photos of Oliver, an active and cute dog! He is about a year old and still likes to play and run!

Oliver in the car On the way to the vet

Vet checking Oliver’s teeth

He is nice to children too! Oliver is very sweet and friendly towards children 🙂

Oliver close up

He is now up for adoption… To adopt Oliver:

1. email me: carolinafajar1@yahoo.com for an adoption form

2. we arrange for a visit to your home

3. adoption Oliver has been spayed and vaccinated and is now in his foster home in BSD, Serpong. Please help share the news.

Thanks all 🙂

Regards, Carol



Oliver is ADOPTED!!


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