A day away from Papua..

Can’t imagine that from tomorrow night, i will not be in Jakarta.

I’m out of Java island!! CIHUY.


Heading to the west

Though its not a holiday trip, i actually consider it as a very enjoyable trip. And the reason why this trip is happen is because I was considered not helping enough.

Well, who said the good things cant happen from bad prejudice??
After all those heartbreaking thoughts and complaints.

Anyway, I’m so excited. Cant wait to write a story about this.

Everyone act very supportive. Even M, I know he is worried with all stuffs but he knows how i dream about trip away from Jakarta. Now, trip away and get paid!! This totally a best gift ever from this year, not to mention if everything works well and the wedding is held. okay, back to topic.

While some of my colleagues stayed at the hotel, I will be staying at base camp belongs to the company clients, because my trip are by their request and dedicated to them, about 5 minutes from hangar. I will be like, alone, because most people there were actually Maintenance and Operations crew that I’m not really familiar with. I know most of them are nice guys, but i just think that since I’m not the type of person who can start, i might go alone everywhere.

The base camp provides 3 meals a day. I’ve heard that their menu are great. Western and Indonesian. Cool! I hope I won’t gain extra weights.

All the worries covers with excitement.
Not to mention i have a fetish to rotary wings. Those gorgeous flying machines.. This post will be completed with those sexy thing, just wait!!

So, what is your best time up to now on 2011??


2 thoughts on “A day away from Papua..

  1. Satu hal yang sering gw tanyain ke temen-temen gw setiap kali mereka pergi ke luar negeri atau luar pulau jawa: apa makanan khas sana? gimana rasanya? ada fotonya ga? 😀

    Food Lovers

    • huwah… makanan khas Timika?? ga kepikiran sama sekali gw!!
      terlalu excited ketemu helikopter..huhu..
      udh gitu tinggal di mess fripot yang dimana 3 times meal itu Indonesia sama western food.
      3 kali sehari makan salad deh..
      so.. makanan khas Timika buat gw adalah salad!!
      Beberapa kali kedaerah kota, yang ditemuin malah masakan2 ala jawa dan manado.

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