You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

Iya, kebanyakan perempuan emang lebih suka mikir yg jelek2 aja tentang diri sendiri..
Jadi inget sama cewek ramping yang mau ikutan 2 sesi latihan padahal tempatnya terbatas dengan alasan mau kurusin badan.. padahal yang lain (yang jauh lebih berisi dan mau ikutan juga)belum tentu kebagian.. #eh

Teppy and Her Other Sides


Today I feel so uninspired. I’m stressed out because I have to finish my deadlines while at the same time I feel like I’m blanking out. The fact that I’m a bit sick makes it worse… Sleep deprived, stressed, a not so fit body, and feeling quite helpless because I need to get this shit together. I turned off my cellphone this entire night, I ate dinner alone, reading. I walked home without listening to any music like I used to. I kept thinking, and thinking, and thinking what should I do. I need an inspiration, something that gives me eureka moment in my head so I’ll be engined again to write something good. And tonight I bumped into this. It is not directly related to what I’m experiencing right now, but in one way or another, I feel connected with the message. You have to watch this to understand…

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aaaaaaand you say..?

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