Leaving you..

Ooo Baby you’re getting bigger..

It is sooo hard to go to the office each morning.. Now you start to gesture your disapproval to my leave.

You see me on my uniform then you quickly ask to be lifted. To be in my arms. And the smile.. You hide it somewhere..

Even when you see me in my jeans, you show me your worry look.. 😦

The most horrible part on being working mom is to see your sad face in the morning.

I’m not worried on the afterwards since my beliefs is children/baby are the most adaptive creature. More, I know you are in a great hands. No one better, maybe even my self. 🙂

I dont know if its about me being selfish. I love working and get paid well. I know that would be a bad reason to keep working, but you know, baby.. things arent always comes in your ways.. And having me leaving you every morning on 5 days is one of the first lesson you gotta deal.

But you know, I will not leaving you for me time. My me time is when you were sleeping. Its been a year since i went to pamper myself in a fancy saloon. No.. no.. I dont say its a sacrifice. Its just something that i can not wanting to do. I prefer you.

So baby,.. actually leaving you each morning is sooooooooo hard for me too.



5 thoughts on “Leaving you..

  1. Wah… Pasti berat yaaa… Tp malah kadang gw iri dan pengen ngerasain.. Ditangisin anak saat mau pergi….
    Suatu kenikmatan yg ga terbayar dgn apapun….
    Selamat yaaaa….. #peyukbuatvitoygmakingemesin

    • Iyaaa bikin beraaaaatt.. Nanti juga ngerasain,.. kan bentar lagi,,… gak berasa deh tau2 gede..:D
      Tapi ga mau ditangisiin ah.. bikin sediiih.. maunya ceria2 ajahh.. hehehe…

  2. giginya Vito udh banyak… 🙂

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