Dangerous me..

I’m so dangerous when I am offended.
Instantly wishing things that i shouldn’t.

Sometime i realizes and ask for forgiveness and change it to better prayer.
But sometimes if things getting weird, and the offenses getting intolerable. The wishes getting stronger.

I know. Harsh reply is nothing compare to my bad wish.
And Its dangerous since I know i got that thing that called bitter tongue.

Most of the time, when I’m offended or getting really angry, accidentally I pray/wish for something bad and forget to revoke it, then my wish is happen.

That is why I think it is dangerous to underestimate others.

No matter how low or how lame or how unimportant they are to our life/happiness. They might be kind and have bitter tongue too. Most bitter tongue are kind person. 😀

Because I believe on the power of prayers.

“You think your car will be yours forever, but by the power of prayers from an accidentally offended pedestal, and God is listening and understanding the pedestal’s complaint you might loose your car accidentally. “


aaaaaaand you say..?

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