It’s been a year since..

Well, I will not write about si bocah..

This kinda a complaint post..

About my satisfying life although it’s been a year since i …

pampered my self on a beauty parlor.

I used to go for relaxing beauty massage, hair spa, facial. I kinda depend on those activity to boost my mood. I feel much better after. But now.. time feels so limited with my loved ones so i prefer to do them at home.. traditional massage at home, buying a fancy smells good shampoo-more pricey but much worth to smell every 3 days on my hair- and upgrade my face cream. And no, my world is not tumbling down. It runs fine.

buy a thick fantasy novel.

I occasionally go to bookstore to buy fantasy novels. And fantasy novels are uplifting and drowning my feelings at a same time. Need a lot of emotion on reading it, but an addiction to me. But now, not only saving money when it comes to NOT buy, its also saving space on my house. And as an exchange? Borrow a not-too-thick fantasy novels from my best-friend who Thankfully a novel collector.

going to the movies.

Even thought i only go for few type of movies; Romance comedy, Animation or Detective-thriller, I’m pretty much love going to the movies.

But now? Leaving Vito for work is easy, but leaving him for my OWN time is such big NO for me. I consider my time at the office as a me-time. I can go for a coffee, chit-chat, focused on doing what i like, lunch break and all those stuff is already a me time. Being at work is currently my choice, not my obligation, so i consider it as a me-time with responsibility & money :D.  With this mind set, I always take him with me doing whatever i have to do after work. Dinner invitation, monthly shopping, window shopping, ANYTHING that makes me leave the house after work hour. So this, makes me unable leaving him to go to the movies. I did it once with hubby, but I just cant leave the guilt behind. So now, I have a lot of movies to catch up. Buy DVDs and watch it at home are currently much more relaxing and enjoyable to me. I haven’t got the guts to take Vito to the movies..:D

hunting for clothes or shoes

Years before, personal shopping was an extremely fun activity. Hunting for clothes or shoes or bags or wallet or anything wearable. But now? Its exhausting, i rather browse on my phone while he is sleeping, buying things i need, 1 size bigger for clothes and 1 stop stopping for shoes. No such thing as going in and out different stores to find 1 thing. Need shoes? Go to Payless Store. Need a wallet or a bag? search it online. Fast and easy.


And you, if having a new life style, what kind of indulging activity that you already leave behind?

4 thoughts on “It’s been a year since..

  1. haduh, kalo udah punya anak itu emang banyak banget ya yg mesti di korbanin 😦 karena mereka jauhhh lebih penting dari semua2nya. mikir2 lagi mau punya bayi jadinya hahaha *cetek*

    • ahahahaaa.. don’t worry Mbakyuu.. It’s all worthy… Justru pada akhirnya kebutuhan terhadap hal2 tersebut tergeser oleh kebutuhan2 untuk selalu deket si bayi,… hehehe…
      Skill “pandai bersyukur” tentunya main ya.. Tapi sebenernya aku pribadi ga berasa kalo kegiatan2 itu ternyata udah lama banget ga aku lakuin.. hehehehe..
      Dan kenapa tiba2 muncul post ini, karena minggu kemaren mutusin motong rambut disalon, dan baru sadar kalo ternyata aku udah setahun lebih ga nyalon.. hahaha.. Biasa juga mendekin/ngetrim rambut sendiri dirumah.. karena keriting, jadi ga keliatan kalopun ga rapih.. hahaha..

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