From Vitoism

[Self reminder] This post is also publish on my other private blog dedicated for my baby boy.


My baby boy is getting bigger!!!

18 Mo and counting.

And our love grew bigger and bigger..

I really dont want another kid because I’m worried i couldn’t love him/her as much as i love youuuuuuuuuuuu… heehee..

Ookay.. Now, about you.

You are smart. Hard-willing type of kid.You now have 12 teeth.

And you are adorable. Everybody seems to love you.

You are friendly. And most kid we met doesn’t seem to respond pretty well.

You are kind. I wish you stay that way on your entire life.

Your Great Grandpa (Yai), is currently not well. He is being hospitalized now. But on our last visit, he looks so proud of you. And sooo happy to see you running around like a bey-blade, or gasing in Indonesian.

You also keep calling Yai in such a cute and clear voice. Makes him smile when he hear it.

Yai so proud and love your Baba, that is why he is so proud and love you too.

In this 18Mo old, your vocabulary is quite amusing.

Start with Aba-aba for Bola (Ball) and Balon (Baloon), ada for ada (exist), tattii  for sakit (sick), Ja for kerja (work) — your answer when asked where’s your Baba, Bisbis for mobil (car). And you babbling a lot.

You act like you are saying it right while actually you didn’t. Ends up on everybody nodding and saying yes in order to respond to you. Hilarious.

Your teeth.. your amazing cute big axe teeth..

I kinda worried they will got bigger like bunny teeth that tends to be annoying than cute, but hey.. look Neville Longbottom.. He is alright and amazing.

That awkward moment when Neville become the hottest..

Well anywayy.. let me drooling for a while ya.. heehee..

Now you know where that ‘babbling’ talent come from..

Love you, boy..


2 thoughts on “From Vitoism

  1. whaaattt that hottie is neville longbottom?!? *ikutan drooling*

aaaaaaand you say..?

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