Last post on 2013

Heyyo Fellos…

Today is 31 Dec 2013!!!

It’s the last day of the year!

Soo,.. i dont know but now i’m on the mood of determining plan/intention for 2014 Determination. Why determination? because resolution doesnt work for me. I’m not in a problem, so i dont need solution or anything related to it.

Sounds mainstream but i’m up on it.

Well,.. first of all. My intention for 2014 is to post an English blog at least once each month. I need to practice my writings a lot.

Second one is to lose weight. I know its an yearly resolution which never works, instead of loosing, this whole year I gain 7 kilos!! I’m not sorry since i realized i’m enjoying every process on it. I never been discipline enough. But, for 2014, I’m sooooo motivated to change my life style. I will not say I’m on diet, but i will say I’m on healthier way of life.. WATERMELOOOOOOOOOOONNN.. (SEMANGKAA = SEMANGAT KAKAA = PEP UP SISTER/BROTHER)

The third one is to become more saver. I want to record ALL of my expenses every single day and to tiny counts. And close bad credits(latest on March). My husband just got a raised and we want to make sure that we can locate some urgent money. Some how I am totally sure we could succeeded on this one.

The fourth is become more and more religious. Better praying and close to God. I’m not a good person yet but I’m aware of it.

And now, my wishes for 2014…

1. Going on vacation with my boys and moms.. Wish could be after April.

2. Buy a very expensive perfume for myself on May.. :)) On my top list is Taurus Perfume but it can be only bought abroad. While for Bond, it’s available here. This Could be my only purchase of a life time. :)) I dont know but I’m in to perfumes in the late 2013. Well below are my top list, but I’ll skip the CnR since they are Niche fumes and teh price is 95C for each 50ml edp. Whoa. But i think i can afford one of the Bond below later 😉

TAURUS — CnR Create

Eau de Parfum 50ml
€ 94.90
Earth Taurus – CnR Create

I Love NY earth day — Bond No.9

I Love NY for Mothers — Bond No.9

3. getting our home refurbished. Broken windows and doors. Redesigning interior and stuff. And hopefully, will be better look in September 2013. YAYY!!

And for you who celebrate..



2 thoughts on “Last post on 2013

  1. so, where’s your own brand new post? first 2014’s post i mean 😀

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