I’m in a very bad mood right now. So i’m going to write stuffs that makes me happy and feel lucky.. Wish when at the end of the list in this post, my feeling and moods turns better.

Kissing my baby boy.. hear his laugh…kismum

Get a back massage from M..

Get a hug from people i love..

Help by a friend..

exchanging stories with bestfriends..another one hihihihi

Gossiping with my sister..546583_384606911577530_315073360_n

Eat Ramen..

drink chocolate..

sniff on my perfume collections..

Best Night Scent.. Loove bottle..

watch Vito’s videos..

eat fruits..

watch LOTR, Hobbit.

reads Harry Potter.CharityBConceptArtwithSnape



Thank you for reading, and…how about you?


4 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. gosip emang bikin bahagia ya hehe

  2. potoh itu muncul lagih…..hohohoho

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