Life Controls

I do have a weight problem and i know it will lead to unhealthy condition based on unhealthy lifestyle.

I’m an Easy going person. I did not get stressed out easily. And i did not consider my weight as a problem. I still have that curves you know.. 😀

But aging got me. I’m the type of person who did not like buying new clothes. So when going to a wedding party, where I want to wear kebaya, I kinda stressed out since nothing i got looks good on me. Not because they were old. But its because my curve are getting out of hand. So, in this beginning year, i decide to change my life style.

As a start, I start to measure my self. Hip, waist, weigh and height. Record it regularly. Second is to plan work out program. Not something too heavy or too ambitious, but just something that easy to do. My choice is to do Weightloss Yoga, leg exercise and treadmill. 3 times a week each for 20 Minutes minimum, best if got to 30 menites. For food, sorry but cant not leave this one out. I still eat anything I want anytime i want it. I’m not the type of person who are willing to starve. :))

My goal is not to be skinny, but my goal is to be healthier. I got tired so easily lately. 😦

And this page is to record my progress. Not for bragging, just as a reminder and keep me motivated. Well, nobody would like to publish their own failure, right?

So here it is, my record:


W:90 H:120| 88kg|BMI 31.18 |BMR 1656.5|W to H ratio : 0.75|Bfat %tage: 27.42

Next record on: 140114

Calculation source:


aaaaaaand you say..?

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