To do List before 30 — Passed :D

1. Write a book, story

2. Going abroad. Asia.

3. Have my own car.


29 May 2013. An update.

I’m 30 already.. :D:D:D

I’m not yet finished writing a book.  Even a story.

I’m not yet going abroad.  Even not have the chance yet to do the honeymoon trip.

But 2 weeks before my birthday, M brought me a car. A really nice one. It has 6 speed. With a very cold aircond. Great stereo. And reaaaallly expensive than i was expecting before. I have a mid standards when it comes to vehicle. I was expecting an old truckie. He bought me a motherly ride. 😀 Thanks M! Despite my pouty mouth when you told me the price, I enjoy it.. ! XD

1/3. It was really not bad for me. The 2/3 was replaced by other things that even much much much much better.

It was like, i ask for 3 and God give me 10!!! even more!

A healthy, supreme, lovable both little and Big guy is everything.

A firm and happy family is more to expect.

My healthy and supporting mom is a lot to accept.

Beautifull, energetic, smart and healthty sister is a blessing!

Please always guard us all in Your way. Thank You.


aaaaaaand you say..?

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